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This work is based on the broad integrated marketing definition. It is rather close to AMA accepted now, but is shorter:" Marketing is an anticipation, management and satisfaction of demand for goods, services, the organizations, people, territories and ideas by means of an exchange".

Now speak about change of forms of ownership, an economic mechanism and privatization much. It really the major and fatal problems. However any economic changes become reality only passing through consciousness of people. In other words, the market economy needs new workers and first of all - marketing specialists, managers, dealers, brokers and brokers without whom its functioning is impossible.

In the conducted researches the coat and raincoats from skin are not included, and also such outerwear as fur coats from natural fur in view of the fact that at the developed income of the main part of the population these goods are inaccessible.

Drawing up the reliable forecast - a difficult task: the behavior of competitors, new technologies and motions in structure of demand impose the print on already changeable market situation. Successfully to realize the planned purposes, the businessman has to consider a factor of uncertainty in the plans and in due time make to them necessary changes.

- it has to provide rational use of all cash resources; in particular, in it is mute has to be purpose of all financial, material and a manpower of the enterprise, including distribution of duties and responsibility is accurately painted;

The choice of goods or service includes also other decisions connected with it, for example a choice of packing, a trademark, creation of a number of the modifications based on the same idea, design. Each of these elements can give to the offered product or service own face that is important for success in competitive fight.

The satisfaction of demand includes not only normal functioning of the existing goods or service, but also their safety, availability of various options, an aftersales service, etc. To satisfy the consumer, it is necessary to meet his expectations in all these parameters.

For increase in profit and search of new ways of development, the enterprise participates in exhibitions where offers the production to find new sales markets and to contact new suppliers of raw materials who offer the production at the favorable price.

Consumers consider these goods interchangeable in the absence of one of them on sale can get any of the goods included in commodity group if it is available on sale. Criterion of a choice of goods for various groups of buyers is availability at the price, and also quality indicators.

Marketing has to take the central place in structure of management as it possesses the leading role in the organization of the full-fledged market economy which is completely focused on real and potential consumers of goods and services.

By drawing up any plan it is always very difficult to predict in advance, what is the time on it can leave. As for the businessman time money, at it can arise desire "to save" on planning and not to pay to preparation of the plan of marketing due attention. As a result not all alternatives will be studied and not all courses are counted, and it can lead to serious strategic mistakes.

The plan of marketing has to contain accurate interpretation of each of above-mentioned components, and also all components of which it consists. Flexibility, of course, a thing good, but nevertheless is necessary strong base for adoption of the current decisions, and the plan of marketing has to become such base.

- all formulations have to be short and clear as the multipage plan usually gets to a table and never from there is taken. However, at all the brevity the plan of marketing has to be rather detailed that from it ways of realization of the planned purposes were clear;

Requirements imposed to production, conditions of the economic environment in which the enterprises should operate today raise a marketing role for successful commercial activity of the enterprise. The marketing role also increases and in system of planning of a production activity of the enterprises. Thus it is important to note that the increasing changes are undergone by the concept of the organization of marketing. On the one hand, more and more attention it is given to improvement of the tools used here, and with another - marketing accepts more and more complex character.