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Thirdly, sensory perception cannot be reduced to physiological processes. When synthesizing touch data in feelings and perceptions their elements connect as it is defined by a subject of mental reflection. Needless to say that similar synthesis is impossible without physiological processes.

The thinking, as well as any mental activity of people, is connected with certain physiological processes, it is based on perception of impacts of environment on sense organs of the person. These sensory perception of the objective world and representations formed on their base form that material with which finally the thinking operates.

Thus, in work the requirement and the activity directed on its satisfaction oposredstvutsya by operations which in itself do not pursue the aim to satisfy any biological requirements, and represent only stages on the way of achievement of this purpose.

At the same time the thinking in its developed form, namely thinking by means of concepts, is formed on the basis of the vital processes which are going beyond the purely biological. In this case it is, first of all, about work as to a specific form of a material metabolism between the person and environment and the public human relations developing in the course of work.

Judgments of reality, need and opportunity are distinguished to the characteristic of a sheaf from simple judgments on qualitative. In general this group of judgments is considered as judgments of a modality which represents degree of reliability of this or that simple judgment.

Impact of the outside world on an individual has in no small measure social coloring, and it occurs considerably by means of language which acts as a product of public transformation of the outside world. Together with it depth and width of this transformation incredibly extends. As thanks to language experience of many individuals is made available by another, individual experience acts and as social, and social experience appears a basis individual. Language provides purposeful transfer of experience of one generation to another. Reflection at this level is the public, historical process which is not limited to perception of the outside world to certain individuals.

Due to change of one of elements of structure of concept are subdivided into types. On a quantitative sign – on single, the general and empty, and also on registering and not registering, collective and dividing. On a quality indicator – on affirmative and negative, concrete and abstract, relative and irrespective.

Sign will be any property of a subject external or internally, obvious or directly not observable, the general or distinctive. The concept can reflect the phenomenon, process, a subject (material or imagined). The main thing for this form of thought – to reflect the general and in too time essential, distinctive in a subject. As the general signs what are inherent in several subjects, the phenomena, processes act. The sign which reflects internal, radical property of a subject is essential. Destruction or change of this sign involves high-quality change of the subject, so and its destruction. But it must be kept in mind that importance of this or that sign is defined by interests of the person, current situation. Two various properties will be an essential sign of water for the eager person and for the chemist. For the first – ability to satisfy thirst, for the second – structure of molecules of water.

Secondly, mental reflection already at the level considered still is not a passive state, but activity of an organism, one of the parties of its active interaction with environment by means of which the irritations excited by environment are synthesized, and thanks to this activity (including and the analysis) continuous reproduction of certain parties of objective reality becomes possible.

Reflection as the moment of universal interrelation is the general prerequisite and a basis of mental reflection. The last possesses reflection signs in general, but, besides, has also specific features. Here we will pay attention only, to some of them.