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Mass media attract many people who are not interested in advertizing. The organizations which are engaged in advertizing on television are anxious with that fact that the TV viewer uses a remote control for switching on other canals during advertizing demonstration.

From the point of view of the advertiser in principle any persons or things meeting two conditions can carry out a role of carriers of advertizing: they have to be created so that to manage to inform the consumer; contact with them has to represent a certain advantage for target group.

advertizing on transport (internal and external) is an advertizing in the subway, registration of buses and trolleybuses, a taxi, trams. Recently the tendency of placement of outdoor advertizing on long distance trains is observed.

Exhortative advertizing gains the special importance at growth stage when before firm there is a problem of formation of selective demand. The part of exhortative announcements is displaced in category of comparative advertizing which seeks to approve advantage of one brand due to concrete comparison it with one or several brands within this commodity class. Use comparative advertizing in such commodity categories as deodorants, toothpaste, tires and cars. About correctness of creation of comparative advertizing of judgment are rather ambiguous.

First, repeatability is inherent in advertizing. We not only again and again see advertizing of the same advertiser, but also repeatedly we meet the same announcement. And it, of course, corresponds to the advertiser's plan.

Now, in the conditions of commodity abundance, producers that expansion of their activity does not by production capabilities any more as they in a to make so much, how many will manage to absorb the market.

It is possible to determine by advertizing how flexible the enterprise as ­ it is capable to react to changes of the market is. The form and methods of use of advertizing are so diverse that to draw some conclusions on its specific qualities quite not easy.

To work on prestige of the enterprise. If the manufacturer has a good and is widely known, the buyer is ready to pay for higher price as the consumer is inclined to carry out between quality of goods and image of his producer offered ­.

Informative advertizing prevails generally at a stage of removal of goods on the market when there is a problem of creation of primary demand. So, producers of any food products need to inform consumers on nutritious advantages and numerous ways of use of a product at first.

First, it is ability to draw attention. It is very important as far as the attention of readers by heading, TV viewers - a video series. Whether advertizing on those categories of potential consumers, on it is calculated.

The reminder advertizing is extremely important at a maturity stage to force the consumer to remember goods. The purpose of expensive announcements of well-known production of the firms having general and long ago the settled recognition - to remind people of the existence, and at all not in informing or convincing them.

advertizing movies (advertizing and technical movies, advertizing and prestigious movies, advertizing the express information) – usually it is the short advertizing movies which are shown among a general population either at movie theaters or at exhibitions and festivals;

These advertizing means are considered the most effective as it covers the big mass of the population (consumers). Advantage of such advertizing consists in its special efficiency. It means yields the most effective results at the professional advertizing of mass demand calculated on consumption by a general population.

Image advertizing (action of "Public relations") is a complex of the actions directed on creation of image, prestige and the positive relation of wide layers of the public to the organizations advertisers. Treat actions of this sort:

Advertisers - very diverse "company". These are, retail dealers, wholesale dealers, firms of services, distributors, labor unions, individuals and many, many. Advertisers pay bills, and today these accounts is annually gathered more than on 65 bln. dollars. The ratio between the main types of advertisers looks the following :