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Reflection belongs to difficult types of relationships of cause and effect. Thus the phenomenon consequence keeps traces of influence of the phenomenon reason in the structure, properties., rocks can keep traces of the magnetic fields influencing them during their formation.

One of fundamental of causality is its organic communication with category of time. Time — is that form of a of a matter in which relationships of cause and effect are most naturally realized. Therefore the complication of our ideas of time connected with more profound the principles of a structure of a material world cannot but and on understanding of causality.

Interaction of contrasts — a contradiction by the deepest source, a basis and final emergence, the self-movements and developments of objects. Without clarification of forms and the maintenance of different types of communication and a in the nature and society it would be impossible to resolve adequately the development problem which is the second principle of the materialistic

In each concrete process of transformation of opportunity into reality both necessary, and casual relationships of cause and effect are realized, as a rule. From here follows that the reality personifies diverse, contains a set not only it is necessary, but also incidentally developed properties.

The category of interaction is the essential logiko-methodological and gnoseological principle of knowledge of the natural and public phenomena. Modern showed the that any interaction is connected with fields and is followed by transfer of a matter, the movement and information.

The existing classifications of interactions on distinction of interactions power and. In physics four main types of a power furnishing the clue to understanding infinite a of processes are known: gravitational, electromagnetic, strong and weak (raspadno. Each type of interaction in physics is characterized by a certain measure.