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For a kingdom of neeopredelennost and alternatives into which "The criticism of pure reason" entered, the kingdom of clarity and simplicity - the self-sufficing world of personal belief opened. "The critical philosophy" demanded awareness of limitation of human knowledge (and it is limited to nauchnodostoverny knowledge) to release a place for purely moral orientation, for trust to unconditional moral ochevidnost.

Impact of science on the person dually. Before offering it the valid knowledge, it destroys the mass of the fictitious representations, long time seeming the valid knowledge. Before bringing to life new means of practical domination over the world, it ruthlessly discredits instruments of fictitious impact on reality which reliability did not raise doubts earlier. The science destroys false and naive confidence, is frequent being not able to offer in exchange new, so strong, wide, subjectively satisfying.

Kant considered as the most essential characteristic of moral action unselfishness. But that unselfishness was born on light somewhere in the history the situation for which participants any self-interest, any rate on advantage and success of action would become through problematic and even the impossible had to take place.

Many things are capable to excite surprise and admiration, but the original respect is caused only by the person who did not change to feeling due, otherwise, for whom there is an impossible: who does not do that it is impossible to do, and elects himself for this purpose that should be done.