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Spicy fish store for maturing in the cooled. Duration of maturing of fish makes 10-30 days at a temperature of 0-10 °C. Biochemical essence of maturing of fish of a spicy posol the same, as salty. A certain influence on taste and a smell renders spices and sugar. In the course of maturing ­ to carry out control quality check of fish each 10 days. Readiness of a product is defined organoleptic. It has to have dampness flavourless gentle juicy meat, taste, moderately salty with aroma of spices.

Products of splitting of lipids, in particular volatile compounds and low-molecular fatty acids which possesses a certain smell are of great importance for formation of taste and aroma of maturing, and also is capable to difficult transformations and interaction with other.

Acetum-salt solution always differs in stronger action, than acetic acid and chloride sodium or chloride potassium, separately. This results from the fact that chloride sodium and acetic acid as if mutually strengthen the preserving action of each other.

Saponification — defect of the salty fish stored without brine. As a result of development of slizeobrazuyushchy microflora on a surface of fish there is a muddy viscous mucous raid similar to a soap layer, with an unpleasant smell. Defect arises in case of storage

Suntan — weak salt the defect arising at violation of technology of a, a prosalivaniye delay, storage at high temperature, etc. Defect is characterized by darkening or a of fabrics round a backbone as a result of decomposition of blood in a back artery. At suntan taste of fish worsens, her rating.

However a mold and yeast well develops in the sour environment that it is necessary to consider at storage of marinated fish. A mold in aerobic conditions, actively decomposing acetic acid, create favorable conditions for development of a putrefactive.

At production of fish production of a spicy posol and the dosage of table salt is slightly less, than at salt, thanks to the preserving effect of sugar, and when pickling — and acetic acid. The ripened product has a gentle consistence, pleasant taste and aroma. Marinated fish possesses more high resistance in the course of storage, than fish of a spicy posol that is caused by the preserving effect of acetic acid.

Researches of accumulation of products of a proteoliz of salty fishes allowed to draw a conclusion that under the influence of intramuscular enzymes and total effect of enzymes of interiors differs not only quantitatively, but also has a different focus: So, in meat of the whole: leads fishes to formation of a large number of low-molecular products (amino acids and small peptide,

The spicy ambassador — is processing of fish the salt, sugar and impacting to a product sharp relish and pleasant aroma. At such way together with the formed salt solution the part of the essential oils and other extractive substances containing in spices and impacting to fish specific relish and a smell gets into tissues of fish.

The inhaling — a sign of an initial stage of damage of fish — appears in cases when fish started spoiling earlier, than the preserving effect of salt was shown. For the prevention of defect ­ to salt fresh, good-quality fish and to observe the production technology.

Formed in initial, stages products of degradation of proteins, and also those proteins which for any of several reasons were steady against action intracellular, to destruction to small peptides and free amino acids

Turning sour of brine arises under the influence of the acid-forming microflora arising in the course of storage of fish at high temperature. On initial stages solution turbidity is observed, then it becomes viscous, viscous, there is a sourish smell. Fish becomes covered with gray slime, muscles become friable and flabby. In an initial stage of floggings correct washing of fish fresh strong solution of salt and fill in with a new brine. If defect got into gills, them delete, and fish after washing realize. Fish at turning sour of brine is not subject to storage.

The second stage (maturing is characterized actively going proteolizy under total influence of enzymes of muscular tissue and interiors. During this period the growth of all nitrogen-containing substances, especially triptofanosoderzhashchy is observed.